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Making a wooden business card...

The creative process is as much about experimenting as it is just imagining...

Of course, like most people, I did the typical (paper) business cards (fronts and back):

paper business card paper business card paper business card

Somewhere along the time line of my sawing various Eastern Red Cedar sticks and logs, I saw something. I saw lots of things! This one time I saw a wooden business card.

Of course, I don't mean a rectangular wooden business card. Who would do that! Certainly not me! I let the wood tell me what it wants. The first telling was round-ish, the rough cut slice of a two inch diameter fallen tree.

It had cracks, it was... rough, it was... cute? Sure. Why not? So I burned it with my soldering iron...

wooden business cards

Then I remembered some other little logs I had with a two inch diameter heartwood. More sawing ensued...

wooden business cards

Ah, so cool... And then, I need my own font—call it, Soldering Iron font.

wooden business cards

Isn't this fun? It sure is.